Sexually Maladaptive Youth Treatment Program - Sharpe Hall

The Sexually Maladaptive Youth Treatment Program is designed to meet the treatment needs of adolescents with sexually maladaptive behavior. This is a specialized program that is able to address the specific treatment needs of youth who exhibit this constellation of behaviors. After completing this program, youth may transition to a less-restrictive program that provides them independent living skills.

This program is highly structured and includes a complete curriculum for youth with sexually maladaptive disorders. Treatment includes:

  • Individual Therapy addressing sexually maladaptive behaviors as well as the significant emotional issues the resident experiences
  • Family Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Victim clarification when appropriate
  • Development and understanding of their offense cycle
  • Consultation and medication management with Board-Certified Child Psychiatrist to monitor mental health status and medication needs
  • Psychoeducational Group Learning
  • Educational opportunities are provided through Richmond Community Schools. Residents attend school off-grounds at the Richmond Alternative School. Depending upon a resident's level of progress, they may be able to attend open public school