Transitional Living Program

Wernle provides a Transitional Living experience for adolescent residents 16 to 21 years of age. The residents maintain regular contact with the local community through their educational needs, employment, and structured campus and non-campus activities. Wernle provides a full complement of therapeutic and psychiatric services which include:

  • A program requirement that the resident will secure and maintain employment (if age appropriate).
  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Consultation and medication management with Board-Certified Child Psychiatrist to monitor mental health status and medication needs
  • Psychoeducational Group Learning
  • Advanced Activities of Daily Living that includes budget management and savings, shopping and self-care, employment skill training including the development of job interviewing skills and completing employment applications
  • Educational Opportunities with Richmond Community Schools: Residents are provided with a number of opportunities to meet or complete their educational needs. Residents are typically enrolled in the Richmond Community School System. As students they have access to the full array of educational services and curriculums where credits can be earned, recovered and degrees attained, including GED preparation and testing
  • Residents who have completed their high school program or equivalency and wish to pursue a higher educational degree or vocational training are eligible to apply for and receive a Wernle endowed scholarship to defray their educational expenses.
  • Residents who have successfully completed treatment in any Wernle treatment program and have been discharged are always eligible to apply for an endowed scholarship to pursue their higher educational or vocational goals.