Fellow alumni and Visitors: Welcome to the webpage of the Wernle Youth and Family Treatments Center Alumni Association (WYFTCAA)! This is the official alumni chapter that serves the community of residents that spans over 100 years and counting. At one point in time, we were a part of Wernle as a resident and came from a diverse set of backgrounds, experiences and challenges. Now, as time has gone by, we look back on our time with a mixture of memories, emotions and for some, questions about what Wernle is today. This web site serves as a means for us never to forsake the memories we have made during our time at Wernle but to find a way to reconcile them for the benefit of ourselves and others. In an effort to help bring those who were once an active resident of Wernle closer together, this web site serves as a portal for resources and a mode of communication for the alumni. It also provides details about our initiatives and events. For those who are alumni, we invite you to reach out to help build this community. You will find a photo album, digital resources, as well as information on upcoming events. Also be sure to send us your updated contact information. For those who are our guests, please feel free to look around. We welcome your interest in Wernle and the continued mission to serve the Youth and Families of our community.  Connect with us on our Alumni of Wernle Facebook page  You can email us at