Girls Private Secure - Maley Hall

The Private Secure Program is designed to meet the needs of female residents from 12 to 18 years of age. These residents demonstrate the most severe emotional and behanioral issues needing treatment, and initially require a highly structured and secure setting. Behaviors requiring this setting often include highly aggressive, suicidal, and AWOL risk. This treatment unit is secured with a magnetic lock system to provide residents with the highest level of security.  The Private Secure Program is highly structured in order to address this specific population, and to meet the safety needs of these residents. The treatment program includes:

  • Individual Therapy and crises intervention
  • Group Therapies
  • Family Therapy
  • Consultation and medication management with Board-Certified Child Psychiatrist to monitor mental health status and medication needs
  • Psychoeducational Group Learning
  • Therapeutic Recreation
  • Physical Fitness
  • Education is provided through Richmond Community Schools. The school program occurs on the residential unit and is privided by teachers specially trained to teach this population.