Board & Staff

The Board

Current Board Members

Sandie Rowe
Frank Eck, Jr.
Ed Zumstein
Roland Cutter
Chris Hunt
Victoria Lutz

Charlotte Maley
Ron Westerfeld
Jeff Slyman
Bryan Hawk
Thomas McCabe
Amy Hoyng

Rev. Robert Swanson
Gabrielle Saunders-Hudecek
William Salvi
Aaron Speakman
Bethany Reid


People Making a Difference

A team of creative professional therapists, non-clinical professionals, and clinical support personnel have been carefully selected to lead and manage the full spectrum of treatment programs available at Wernle and to ensure that each resident gets the care they need to have a positive future.


Darrell R. Gordon, MSA, JD, CFRM
P: 765-939-4570

Christine Lynch Tock - Executive Director at Wernle

Executive Director

Christine Lynch-Tock
P: 765-939-4541

Jim Cross - Chief Finance Officer at Wernle

Chief Finance Officer

Jim Cross
P: 765-939-4588

Adam Reynolds Director of Residential Programming at Wernle

Director of Residential Programming

Adam Reynolds
P: 765-939-4519

Michael Richmond Manager of Humane Resources at Wernle

Director of Human Resources

Michael Richmond
P: 765-939-4558

Bryan Baker - Manager and Quality Assurance at Wernle

Manager, Quality Assurance

Bryan Baker
P: 765-939-4536

Director of Nursing

Margaret Mote, RN
P: 765-939-4534

Chris Parker Church Relations Officer at Wernle

Church Relations Officer

Chris Parker
P: 765-939-4598
C: 765-967-8435

Director of Development

Mike Lehner