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Darrell “Flash” Gordon brought joy to the hearts of Notre Dame fans in 1988, helping lead the Fighting Irish to a national championship.  These days, he brings happiness and a future to the lives of abused and neglected children through the Wernle Youth & Family Treatment Center.  And he tells us all about how he got to those places in his new book, Change Does Not Occur in a Flash.

Flash is a unique figure in Notre Dame football history — a starting outside linebacker from a nationally-renowned football program who eschewed tryouts for the National Football League in favor of making a difference for other people.  For someone who didn’t come from means, it’s not an easy decision to make, but Flash saw behind the glitz and glamor and instead pursued what he saw as his true opportunity and purpose.

This book serves positive purposes for multiple constituencies.  For the Notre Dame fan, Flash has in-depth stories about growing up in New Jersey, the recruiting process that got him to Notre Dame, and the experiences leading up to the national title and beyond.  For the people seeking change in their lives, Flash’s insights into what drove him at critical junctures and how he used his FLASH points to help him move past the decisions to his life’s improvements are invaluable.  You may start off wondering how someone with that much talent could walk away from the professional athlete’s dream, but by the end, not only will you have the answer to that question, you’ll chide yourself forever asking it in the first place.

The holidays approach, and Flash’s book would make a great gift.  It’s available via XLibris or Amazon.  For those of you in the Indianapolis area, there’s a book signing event at a Navy Gamewatch this Saturday, October 27th, at McGinley’s Golden Ace, 2533 E. Washington.

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