On Friday, March 5th, 2021, Wernle Youth & Family Treatment Center was honored to host Congressman Greg Pence and his team on an informative tour of our campus. This was the Congressman’s first visit to the Wernle campus. “It was great to learn about the important work being done at the Wernle Youth and Family Treatment Center,” said Congressman Greg Pence.

As Wernle begins a new phase of growth and expansion it is important that our State leadership understands the value and magnitude of the work being done on the campus. Wernle is currently renovating one of the oldest residential units on campus. Once completed the residing youth will benefit from increased illumination, more open spaces, and a colorful and cheery atmosphere. Each of these are instrumental in creating an environment where healing can occur.

Congressman Pence and Wernle visit

Over the next three years there are additional plans to construct a second unit for girls, a multipurpose athletic field, renovation of the existing parent apartments, and to begin planning for a new learning center. Each of these projects will help to position Wernle to receive the increasing numbers of youth that are expected, in part due to the recent difficulties resulting from the “shelter in place” order caused by the Covid-19 Virus. “We have all strived to make Wernle the best. Our Board and our staff are committed to our mission and work tirelessly, but we know that we can do even more,” says Darrell Gordon, President/CEO. For these reasons and more, growth and renovations are essential.

It is our hope that the visit by Congressman Pence will open doors to additional funding opportunities and help to continue to promote Wernle as a premier residential facility and outpatient service provider. “I appreciate the opportunity to visit this historic campus and want to thank Reverend Nunn and the entire leadership team at Wernle for all they do on behalf of Hoosier Kids and families,” stated Congressman Greg Pence.

To partner with Wernle during this time of expansion and growth, please visit our website, www.wernle.org, or contact Rev. Clifford Nunn, Director of Development, at 765-939-4587. The need is great, but the proven generosity of our friends and partners is even greater. We are thankful for the support of Congressman Greg Pence and look forward to a longstanding relationship.

Congressman Pence